• Police Initiatives

    The needs of Bellevue's residents are changing, with the population continuing to grow more diverse and equity becoming essential. Homelessness and mental illness — related issues — call for regular attention from the police force. In addition, some crimes, including catalytic converter theft, have emerged as problems requiring innovative solutions..

    Local police departments hold a news conference about a task force to counter catalytic converter thefts.

    In response, the police department has taken on initiatives to address today's pressing safety and security issues.

    Community Crisis Assistance Team: To address a dramatic increase in the number of calls involving individuals in crisis, the Bellevue police launched a successful pilot program featuring a Community Crisis Assistance Team, specially trained officers and mental health professionals from Bellevue Fire CARES. 

    Police Advisory CouncilsSince 2016, police advisory councils representing African American, Muslim, Latino/Latina, LGBTQI+, Interfaith, Asian/Pacific Islander, and South Asian residents help guide the department's decision- and policy-making. 

    Project CATCON ID: To address a spike in catalytic converter thefts, Bellevue police are partnering with local businesses including car dealerships, which can etch digits from a car's vehicle identification number on the  catalytic converter and highlight it with bright paint. 

    Use of Force Policy ReformsFollowing an independent review of Bellevue police policies in 2020, the department has been modifying its policies to ensure residents are served equitably.