• Economic Data

    As part of the 2020 Economic Development Plan Update, a detailed Economic and Demographic Analysis was conducted. This analysis gives an overview of Bellevue’s major economic and demographic characteristics compared to regional and national benchmark geographies.

    Business Survey: Conducted every two years by the city in partnership with an outside vendor, the Bellevue business survey addresses Bellevue's key metrics, taxation and attitudes about starting, operating and owning a business in Bellevue. The 2019 Business Survey found:

    • 91% of Bellevue businesses perceive Bellevue’s economy as being better/significantly better than other Puget Sound cities and towns.
    • 77% of Bellevue businesses believe that Bellevue is better/significantly better than other cities and towns as a place to operate a business. 

    Economic Data Dashboard:



    Have questions about this data or are interested in other data points relating to Bellevue's economy? Reach out to us.