• BelRed Streetscape

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    In 2009, in anticipation of East Link light rail, the City Council adopted a new subarea plan and land use code for the BelRed area. The plan anticipated the transformation of the former industrial area into a series of vibrant urban villages with abundant new green space, businesses and homes.

    The first BelRed Streetscape Plan was completed in 2015 to guide the development of new streets, trails, sidewalks and projects in the area. In the time since, light rail construction has begun and major private developments such as the Spring District are well underway. The city is updating the BelRed Streetscape Plan to better reflect best practices and the vision expressed in the original 2009 BelRed vision.


    In updating the Streetscape Plan, the city will:

    • develop a design concept for wayfinding in the district,
    • review transportation and environmental best practices for inclusion in the plan, and
    • redevelop the chapter on public art to identify early implementation concepts for the public art plan.

    The project is expected to be completed in 2021.

    A revised plan is undergoing final staff review.