• Services

    ITD is a centralized technology department of approximately 60 professionals with a commitment to public service, innovation, continuous learning and collaboration.

    Image of IT City of Bellevue Employees

    The department develops and/or maintains 118 applications across our service portfolio. ITD supports 1,949 computers and tablets, 1705 phone extensions, and 305 physical and virtual servers.

    These assets are utilized by 1,600 employees in 14 departments at 35 separate locations. In 2017, ITD provided resolution for 14,058 requests for services in the help desk, graphic design and mapping.

    ITD partners with transportation to manage more than 80 miles of fiber and conduit throughout the city. The fiber optic ring that the Community Connectivity Consortium (C3) has implemented connects the region’s government facilities (City Halls, data centers, EOCs, 911 centers), hospitals, school districts and university and college campuses. We also have 68 outdoor Wi-Fi access points in Downtown and Crossroads.

    ITD delivers comprehensive IT services to all departments in the city. The public also benefits directly from services such as the city website, open data portal and free public Wi-Fi.

    Application Development and Design

    Application Development develops and supports software, websites and mobile applications used by city departments when needs cannot be met by commercial off the-shelf products. Application Development also develops applications for the eCityGov Alliance, a regional organization serving multiple jurisdictions. Services include:

    • Requirements gathering
    • Software design, development and testing
    • Support and maintenance
    • Graphics design services
    • Web and user-interface design and deployment

    Business Operations

    Business Operation provides leadership, administration and oversight for ITD to ensure services align with the direction of the City Council and City Manager. In addition, the division help to achieve of the goals of each line of IT service, provide efficient financial and administrative support, and advance effective personnel practices that create a high performing work culture.

    • Strategic technology planning and customer alignment
    • Budget development and monitoring
    • Business support including analysis and administrative services
    • Accounting

    Computer Technology Services

    Computer Technology Services focuses on effective delivery and support of technology services to city staff and eCityGov Alliance customers, including:

    • First line of support for technology issues
    • Hardware and software replacement
    • Maintenance and troubleshooting of supported technology
    • Training and education for city employees to increase productivity with technology resources

    Geospatial Technology Services

    Geospatial Technology Services delivers high-quality mapping and data solutions and services, using Geographic Information Systems (GIS). GIS serves as an organizational platform for visualizing location-based information, enables an efficient map-driven mobile workforce and increases transparency through interactive web maps for the Bellevue community. This service includes:

    • Acquisition and maintenance of geographic data
    • Data analysis and mapping services
    • Support for mapping applications, including web and mobile

    Network System and Security

    Network System and Security manages the core technology infrastructure (including network, servers, information security, systems and services) for the city to ensure that staff have access to all the technology resources required to conduct operations, provide services, and communicate with the public and other organizations. The infrastructure must operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and have the appropriate level of resiliency, security, privacy and protection to withstand disruptions or disasters. Services include:

    • Data center facilities that house IT infrastructure equipment
    • Wired and wireless networks to enable the city’s systems to connect and communicate
    • Connectivity to external providers for phone, internet and wireless services
    • Phone system serving all city facilities
    • Servers that run all major applications and databases that contain critical information for all departments
    • Security Program that protects the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the city’s systems and information with a “defense in depth” strategy to protect, detect, and respond to any security incidents along with privacy guidelines to ensure appropriate controls over staff and customer information

    Technology Business Systems

    Technology Business Systems selects, implements and supports critical business applications used to deliver vital services including permitting, billing and payment, inquiries and problem reporting and records and work orders. Customers also expect appropriate and timely information in the form of alerts, web and mobile applications and access to data. Services include:

    • Project management of major IT projects
    • Maintenance and support of purchased systems
    • Optimizations and enhancements to align applications to operational needs of departments