• Bellevue Property Taxes

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    Residents in Bellevue will see property tax rate and assessed value slightly increase in 2021.

    Where does the money go? The most common property tax rate in Bellevue is $8.85 per $1,000 of assessed value with $0.89 per $1000 of assessed value goes to City of Bellevue. In contrast, the 2020 common rate was $8.71 per $1,000. Using this rate and a Bellevue house valued at $1,000,000 as an example, the total annual tax from 2020 to 2021 will increase by about $139 due to the increase in rate. The 2021 total property tax for a $1,000,000 Bellevue home is $8,846, approximately 10 percent, or $887 is returned to the city. The remaining 90 percent goes to many other jurisdictions. You can find a complete breakdown by clicking on the pie chart below.

    Bellevue 2021 Levy Rate Distribution
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