• Outdoor Classes

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    Clyde Beach Park

    Are you looking for an outdoor setting to conduct fitness classes? Consider using a Bellevue park.

    If a class has an instructor who collects fees (set rate or suggested donation), it is considered as conducting business in a park. Therefore, a permit is required.

    Cost: $35 application fee, plus a park use fee of $8 per hour.

    To obtain a permit:

    • Fill out the Park Reservation Request Form and include all the dates wanted for the year. FYI: Dates may be added, removed or changed.
    • A monthly payment plan is available, if a Credit Card Authorization Form is on file.
    • Businesses that conduct business in Bellevue must register with the City; this can be done online at FileLocal. The fee is a one-time charge, not an annual fee.
    • A Certificate of Insurance from the business is required, meeting the following requirements:

    The City of Bellevue, its officials, employees and volunteers, PO Box 90012, Bellevue, WA 98009-9012 must be listed at Certificate Holder and named Additional Insured. Minimum amount of General Liability is $1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 aggregate.

    To make changes to the confirmed schedule:

    • To receive credit for dates removed, the City of Bellevue requires at least four business days' notice in writing by email.
    • Each time additional dates are requested, a new Park Reservation Request Form is required, as well as another $35 application fee and the applicable park use fees.
    • In unable to conduct class due to the weather, the City is willing to refund the hourly fee for that day. The instructor must keep track of these days and submit them via email to parkrental@bellevuewa.gov no later than the first day of the next month for credit to be applied.

    Anyone conducting a class in a City of Bellevue park without a permit is violating City Code and can be trespassed from park property.

    If you have any questions, please email us at parkrental@bellevuewa.gov.