• Transportation and Electric Vehicles

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    The City of Bellevue is undertaking a range of initiatives to increase mobility options in and around Bellevue. Learn more about our efforts to enhance biking and pedestrian infrastructure, promote electric vehicle usage, provide information about transportation alternatives, and green our transportation infrastructure.

    The 2009 Pedestrian and Bicycle Transportation Plan articulates a shared vision of a desirable future that remains relevant today. The Pedestrian and Bicycle Implementation Initiative is a complement of action-oriented efforts that will advance project designs and programs identified in the 2009 Ped-Bike Plan to make Bellevue a great place to walk and bike.

    In February 2015 the City Council initiated the initiative, which is guided by ten Program Principles. In May 2015 the Transportation Commission approved a detailed scope of work, which identifies seven primary tasks, associated sub-tasks and the staff from various departments who will work collaboratively to promote solutions in engineering, education, encouragement, evaluation and enforcement.

    To learn more about Bellevue's Pedestrian and Biking Initiative go Transportation Planning.

    The City of Bellevue owns and operates 23 electric vehicle charging stations, 15 of which are available for public use at city facilities.  More electric vehicles and charging stations are appearing in the city every day, saving fuel and money.  Currently, there are over 175 public use charging stations citywide.

    • Watch the short video  Driving the Evolution to learn more about how the city is investing in this component of clean mobility.
    • Explore charging stations in Bellevue and other alternative fueling opportunities.
    • Go to the PSE website to find out more information about charging at home and maps of charging stations across the state.
    • Thinking about buying or leasing an electric vehicle? Check out this fact sheet from the U.S. Department of Energy: Electric Vehicle Fact Sheet.

    Get "Plug-In" Ready 

    Electric-vehicle technology is a promising new opportunity to reduce emissions from Bellevue's largest single emissions sector – transportation. The city is continuously working to ensure that our community and region are prepared to transition to cleaner vehicles that reduce fuel consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and costs for residents and businesses.

    Working in collaboration with all levels of government, as well as businesses, nonprofits and community members, Bellevue is supporting the installation of charging stations throughout the region and helping to educate the community.

    City staff are working to:

    • Streamline the permitting process and reduce costs to homeowners and businesses for installing charging stations;
    • Identify code changes necessary for the installation of new charging stations;
    • Install publicly available charging stations at City Hall and major Parks facilities;
    • Provide education about electric vehicles, charging stations and the benefits of this technology;
    • Coordinate a regional EV infrastructure strategy with neighboring cities, King County and the state;
    • Procure electric vehicles for use in city fleets; and
    • Stay tuned to all developments in this emerging industry.