• Lake to Lake Bike Ride

    Most bike events, including the Lake to Lake Ride, were not held in 2021. There are many great days to ride in our area. Check out some of our favorite areas and course map. The Lake to Lake Ride Courses and most trails in Bellevue are great for bicycling. Pump up your tires, put on your helmet and get rolling!

    course map

    Here are some of our favorite sections of the courses. Let us know your favorites.   

    The beautiful trails through Robinswood Park:

    Photo of Robinswood Park trail

    The Lake to Lake trail by Larsen Lake:

    Photo of Lake Hills Greenbelt trail

    The road through Kelsey Creek Park:

    Photo of Kelsey Creek Farm road

    If you do choose to ride on your own, or with members of your household, remember that Ride SMARTprinciples advised by Cascade Bike Club, still apply.

    We encourage you to follow these safety tips:

    • Wear a helmet. 
    • Make sure your bike is in good working order. Check out this article in the Seattle Times, or go to one of our long-time supporters, Gregg’s Bike shop
    • Dress for the weather. 
    • Be visible, wear brightly colored clothing. 
    • Tell a friend or family member where you are riding. 
    • Take your phone. 
    • Bring a family member. 
    • Remember to physically distance. 
    • When stopping, pull to the side of the trail or road. 

    We will continue to add more of our favorite places on the courses. Enjoy your ride!

    The Lake to Lake Bike Ride Team

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