• Code Compliance

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    The Code Compliance team responds to concerns about possible code violations occurring on private property. We work with reported violations of a variety of codes and ordinances.

    Our goal is to inform, educate and provide a reasonable opportunity for voluntary compliance. Conflict Assistance can be a good alternative to conflicts with neighbors over code violations.

    Mission and Vision

    Code Compliance officers aspire to serve as neighborhood stewards, working to achieve successful resolutions by building harmonious partnerships among our diverse communities. The team's mission is to provide comprehensive education and consistent, fair, equitable and responsive enforcement that promotes voluntary compliance.

    Possible Code Violations

    Code compliance officers respond to your concerns about:

    • Construction Codes:

      Construction, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, and clearing and grading work without permits; abandoned and dangerous buildings.
    • Duplexes/Boarding Houses:

      Single-family residences used as illegal duplexes or for independent room rentals. See Rentals.
    • Fair Housing:

      Housing and reasonable accommodations denied based on discrimination, including but not limited to race, family status and financial assistance (Section 8 housing vouchers and certificates).
    • Home Businesses:

      Businesses conducted in a residence without a Home Occupation permit (exemptions are home businesses without outside employees and no exterior indications of business being conducted).
    • Junk Vehicles:

      Vehicles on private property that are inoperable (i.e., flat tire, extensive damage, missing major parts). See Storage of Inoperable Motor Vehicles.
    • Land Use Violations:

      Violations of zoning and development regulations (i.e., business located in a non-permitted zone, intrusions into required setbacks, keeping of non-permitted animals on property).
    • Litter on Private Property:

      Dumpsters overflowing with garbage; illegal dumping of garbage.
    • Noise:

      Stationary noise from heat pumps, air conditioners, etc. Note: Construction-noise violations are enforced by the Bellevue Police Department. See regulation of Construction-Site Noise.
    • Nuisances:

      Appliances, debris and junk on private property. Recreational vehicles, boats and trailers in violation of storage restrictions on residential property.
    • Signs:

      All signs must be approved by the Development Services Department. Temporary and A-board signs are permitted only in special circumstances for a limited period of time. Sign violations are subject to a mandatory monetary penalty.

    Use MyBellevue to report a code violation.

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