• MyBellevue

    MyBellevue is a mobile app that makes it possible for people to request services and access city news, jobs and social media easily with their smart phones and other portable devices. MyBellevue is also available on the city website as a customer assistance portal.

    A minute-long animation explains in a light-hearted way just how MyBellevue works.

    Given that so many residents and workers in Bellevue use their smart phones for so much, we are proud to offer the conveniences that come with MyBellevue. With MyBellevue, you can:

    • Easily report issues in the moment
    • Attach a photo and use GPS to locate issues
    • Track reported issues
    • Quickly access city news, events and jobs
    • Easily connect with the city’s social media

    Download the App

    MyBellevue is available in the App Store and Google Play.

    Questions and Answers

    What can customers report through MyBellevue?

    Anything, though there is a focus on things that people might want to report or ask about while they are on the go, such as property zoning, public records, code violations, graffiti clean-up, potholes and burned-out street lights.

    The city aims for a rapid response on time-sensitive issues, so users are encouraged to call in some requests. A widget (link) in the app brings up the right phone number and will "dial" it for you.

    Can customers still submit requests online through the web portal?

    Yes. The mobile app doesn’t replace any current methods (i.e. phone, web, etc.) that customers use to report issues, it just provides another method for them to use. MyBellevue includes a new back-end system, so users who have requested services before must create a new login. Sorry about that.

    MyBellevue Customer Assistance

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