• Hate Has No Home Here

    Bellevue is among Washington's most diverse cities. With more than 40% of the population reporting some Asian or Pacific Islander ancestry, city leaders have taken a number of actions to fight hate, bias and racism, particularly after several instances of hate crimes and discrimination against the Asian and Pacific Islander community nationwide since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Community actions and resources to join together against hate

    Below are just some of the ways the city is responding and supporting a welcoming, inclusive community. This page also contains resources for community members to report incidents of hate and support an inclusive community spirit in Bellevue where we all stand up to say Hate Has No Home Here. 

    Hate Has No Home Here is more than a movement. It is an affirmation of community values in ensuring everyone is safe, has a sense of belonging, and embraces a shared accountability to treat everyone with dignity. While the effort was prompted by the recent rise in violence against members of the Asian Pacific Islander community, it is a larger and broader stance against all forms of hate, including against members of Black, Indigenous and people of color (BIPOC) communities. It is an affirmation that residents, businesses, and places of worship and education in Bellevue will not tolerate hate, in any of its forms, in our community.

    See the 'Get Involved' section below for opportunities to add your voice to the conversation and make a commitment to supporting inclusion in Bellevue. 

    Get Involved

    Join the Hate Has No Home Here movement by posting visible signs against hate at your home or business, contributing to Bellevue’s crowd-sourced video about how to create an inclusive community, and learning more about what to do if you see or experience hate. Learn more about how to get involved in the movement to ensure our communities are inclusive and welcoming.

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    Report an Incident

    Incidents of hate come in many forms. From bias incidents at school to assault and hate crimes against strangers on the street, hate in all its forms must be addressed and stopped. The first step is understanding when, where and how these incidents are occurring in our communities. There are a variety of places to report these incidents and crimes as a way to stop them from happening.

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    Meaningful Actions

    The City of Bellevue issued statements and proclamations in solidarity with communities being impacted by hate and bias. City leaders are engaged and involved in community support rallies and speaking out against hate. They share a commitment to finding solutions to hate through the creation of an inclusive, welcoming community that knows how to stand up together against hate and bias. Beyond the city, other leaders are also taking a stand against hate and creating policies that address and combat hate.  

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    Learn how to stop hate in your workplace, share messages of support and inclusion, and find organizations and resources that address the mental health of communities affected by hate and bias.

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    Report Incidents of hate or bias

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