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    Brad Harwood

    Brad Harwood, Chief Communications Officer, 425-452-6837

    Brad Harwood is the city's chief spokesperson and manages the city's internal and external communications. He leads a team of seasoned communicators including public information officers in the Development Services, Fire, Parks and Community Services, Police, Transportation, and Utilities departments. Harwood oversees media relations, emergency public information and public outreach strategies, among other responsibilities.

    Harwood worked in a number of communications roles at the city prior to his appointment as chief communications officer in May 2019. Before coming here, he led his own firm, specializing in managing media teams for high-profile state and local ballot measures. Harwood graduated from the University of Washington and Gonzaga University School of Law,

    Michelle DeGrand

    Michelle DeGrand, Deputy Communications Officer, 425-452-4346

    DeGrand helps manage the city's internal and external communications strategies as deputy communications officer. She works closely with the chief communications officer and the city’s various departments to communicate with residents on key initiatives, happenings, and city council matters.

    DeGrand joined the city in September 2019. Prior to that, she spent more than a decade in corporate communications roles for mid-size manufacturers in the Puget Sound area. She also worked for several years in television journalism early in her career. DeGrand has a bachelor’s degree in communications from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville.

    Claude Iosso

    Claude Iosso, Digital Communications Coordinator, 425-452-4448

    With the city since 2006, Iosso has had a role ensuring quality and consistency in all city communications, editing and writing news releases, content on Bellevue's Internet and intranet sites, as well as the resident newsletter, It's Your City. He launched Bellevue's first social-media sites, and is continually researching and experimenting to ensure residents have easy ways to learn about what the city is doing and give feedback.

    Prior to coming to Bellevue, Iosso was a newspaper reporter and encyclopedia editor for several years. He became a communications professional with the King County Housing Authority in 2000. Iosso graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a bachelor's degree in writing.

    Robin Steel

    Robin Steel, Video Programming and Production Manager, 425-452-6180

    Steel manages Bellevue TV programming and staffing, including the monthly "Lake to Lake" news program.

    After serving as a stage manager and house manager for several Seattle theaters, Steel has worked with the city since 1990, serving in capacities including Parks and Community Services public information officer and Youth Link coordinator and executive producer and host of BTV's "It's Your City" television program.

    David Grant

    David Grant, Public Information Officer, Transportation, 425-452-4397

    David Grant informs and educates the public about what the city is doing make their travels safe and smooth. He has worked at City Hall since 2007, including a four-year stint as PIO and interim communications director in the City Manager's Office. He co-created the Lake to Lake news show.

    Prior experience includes 15 years as a reporter and editor at daily newspapers in Washington state. Grant has bachelor’s degrees in journalism and creative writing from the University of Washington.

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    Lt. Camari Olson, Public Information Officer, Fire, 425-452-6995

    Lt. Olson joined the fire department in 2003. She became an acting lieutenant/EMT in 2010 and was promoted to the position in November 2017. Camari served as a CPR instructor and EMT evaluator and has helped organize DUI drills for local high schools.

    The fire department PIO also serves as the community liaison officer and oversees public engagements and fire prevention outreach. Camari is the department’s primary media contact and is part of a team that manages the fire department’s social media sites.

    Jennie Campos

    Jennie Campos, Transportation Public Information Officer, 425-452-2064

    Jennie joined the city in February 2022 and is the Transportation Department's lead for East Link light rail information and outreach. She also provides communications and community engagement support for transportation projects in the planning, design and construction phases. 

    Previously, Jennie worked in various communications roles for the City of Santa Monica and regional transportation agencies in Southern California. She holds a master's degree in political science from the University of California, Riverside, and a bachelor's degree in political science and global studies from the University of California, Santa Barbara. 

    Meeghan Black

    Meeghan Black, Public Information Officer, Police, 425-452-4129

    Meeghan joined the Police Department in April 2019 following a long career in TV journalism. As PIO, she is chief storyteller for the department, responsible for disseminating police news, including breaking stories, to the media and public. Meeghan also manages the department’s social media accounts.

    In the mid-'90s, she started in TV journalism as a reporter at KIRO 7. At KING 5, Meeghan won awards as a reporter, anchor and meteorologist, also pioneering the station's traffic department. Meeghan then hosted Evening Magazine and Gardening with Ciscoe at KING before leaving television. She was born and raised in Puget Sound and graduated from the University of Washington.

    Christina Faine

    Christina Faine, Public Information Officer, Parks & Community Services, 425-452-4286

    Faine joined the city in July 2015 as public information officer for Parks & Community Services, sharing information with the public about her department's many programs and projects.

    Previously, she handled communications and public outreach on clean water and capital programs at King County and the City of Seattle. Christina has a bachelor's degree in English from Smith College. 

    Brooke Brod

    Brooke Brod, Community Engagement Lead, Community Development, 425-452-6930

    Brooke is community engagement lead, creating opportunities for residents to have their voices heard on issues ranging from affordable housing to neighborhood planning to environmental stewardship. Brooke came with over 10 years of experience in nonprofit advocacy and community organizing, she knows how to bring people from different backgrounds together to find common ground.

    Brooke has a background in theater, and has been a director. She holds a bachelor's degree in fine art from New York University and a master's in fine art from the University of Texas. She uses her experience as a director and educator to design interactive and inclusive community engagement processes.

    Amanda Rich

    Amanda Rich, Public Information Officer, Development Services, 425-452-5215

    Amanda educates the community about growth and development in Bellevue and the work of Development Services, from project application and review to permits and inspections.

    Amanda previously worked in K-12 education, sharing critical information with parents, educators and the community. Prior to that, Amanda was a communications and events coordinator at the University of Washington. She earned a bachelor’s degree from Willamette University and a master’s degree from the University of Washington.