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    Hand holding a smart water meter ratio transmitter device

    Bellevue Utilities正在使用新的无线读取技术取代过时的人工读取水表。在2020年至2022年之间,Bellevue Utilities将会在企业和住宅家庭中安装智慧水表来更新现有的水表。该项目将不会产生任何加价或附加费用。实际上,它甚至可以帮助您减少用水量并节省资金。

    为什么Bellevue Utilities要安装智慧水表?


    • 现有的抄表系统不能及时检测或提示漏水。
    • 客户目前只能每两个月收到一次用水信息。
    • 将近一半的现有水表已经达到或即将达到其使用寿命,都需要更换。

    为了应对这些挑战,Bellevue Utilities计划把现有客户的水表升级到智慧水表。


    Diagram of how smart water meters work.



    客户服务代表和客户可通过即将开通的在线客户系统访问安全加密的用水信息数据。 (智慧水表的安装时间和您的在线客户系统网站启动时间可能会有所不同。)




    请通过 SmartWater@bellevuewa.gov 或425-452-6932与我们联系。

    Bellevue Utilities is replacing outdated, manually-read water meters with new, wireless-read technology. Now through 2022, Bellevue Utilities will be updating existing water meters with Smart Water Meters at businesses and homes. The project will not result in any rate increases or surcharges. In fact, it might even help you reduce your water consumption and save money.

    What to expect with your meter upgrade? Watch this short video

    Why is Bellevue Utilities installing Smart Water Meters?

    The current manual meter reading program faces the following challenges:

    • The existing meter reading system does not allow for timely detection—or notification—of water leaks.
    • Customers currently only have access to their water usage information once every two months.
    • Almost half of the existing meters are at, or approaching the end of, their useful life and will need to be replaced.

    Please see the project schedule page to learn more about when your meter will be replaced and to find out more about what to expect during installation. 

    Have additional questions? Check out our frequently asked questions page to learn more.

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