• Policy Element

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    Image of a person placing a bicycle on the bike rack of a King County Metro RapidRide bus

    The Transit Master Plan is organized by an overall vision statement and six goals, with 10 market-driven strategies outlining how the goals will be achieved. The Policy Element provides a compilation of all the strategy and policy considerations addressed by the Transit Master Plan at various stages of the planning process.

    image of RapidRide bus and bike rack

    The “Abundant Access” vision statement: “Support planned growth and development with a bold transit vision that provides efficient, useful, attractive service for most people, to most destinations, most of the time, serving maximum ridership.”

    The 10 strategies, each of which reflects a tradeoff between competing priorities, will guide the city’s actions toward realizing the “Abundant Access” vision. It is recognized that, for example, focusing on high-ridership markets may impact coverage routes in lower density residential areas where service is less productive.

    Although making such tradeoffs is challenging, these decisions arose from preferences expressed during the collaborative community outreach process, so they are believed to reflect the community’s priorities. 

    For more information about the vision, goals, policies, and strategies associated with the Transit Master Plan, refer to the Policy Element section of the Bellevue Transit Master Plan. For additional background refer to: