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    This page provides information about proposed and adopted code amendments related to Development Services. Visit our Codes and Guidelines page for complete information on our city code, ordinances and resolutions.

    For other development-related information, visit:

    Proposed Amendments

    We are working to integrate the East Link light rail station with the surrounding neighborhoods. With help from a resident advisory group, we developed a plan approved by the City Council in August 2016, for the area around Sound Transit's station, which is now under construction at the intersection of Main Street and 112th Avenue. 

    Learn more about the East Main Transit-Oriented District

    Recent changes to state law related to the siting of housing and supportive services for people experiencing homelessness require updates to the Bellevue Land Use Code. Learn more about the Supportive and Emergency Housing Land Use Code Amendment
    Recent changes to state law prohibit cities in Washington from limiting the number of unrelated occupants living in dwellings. We are amending Land Use Code to remove occupancy limits for unrelated people in dwelling units in compliance with state law. Learn more about the Residential Occupancy Land Use Code Amendment

    We are developing a new density bonus that will be available for permanent affordable housing development on certain land owned by religious organizations, nonprofit organizations, and certain public entities. This density bonus will be consistent with the city’s Affordable Housing Strategy and recent State legislation.

    Learn more about the C-1 Affordable Housing Density Bonus.

    Recent Amendments

    Below are summaries of recently adopted code amendments and links to the adopted ordinances, beginning with the most recent.

    Bellevue has adopted a new section of the Land Use Code, Grand Connection and Major Public Open Spaces, with guidelines and standards to improve livability, access and placemaking along the sequence one of the Grand Connection between the intersection of 100th Avenue NE and Main Street and the Bellevue Transit Center (NE 6th Street and 110th Avenue NE). The new code is applied primarily to private-sector development projects that are located along the Grand Connection. 

    Learn more about the Grand Connection.

    Bellevue has adopted reduced minimum residential parking requirements for new housing near frequent transit, consistent with the city's Affordable Housing Strategy and recent State legislation. The updated requirements include additional incentives for affordable housing, accessory dwelling units (ADUs) and senior housing. 

    Learn more about the Reduced Minimum Residential Parking Standards.

    Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) regulations in the Land Use Code to remove the three-year waiting period to establish and ADU within a new single family home.

    Go to our Accessory Dwelling Unit LUCA page for more information.

    Bellevue’s subdivision and short subdivision regulations in the Land Use Code have been updated to allow for unit lot subdivisions within land use districts where multifamily development is currently allowed. A unit lot subdivision is a land division that creates fee-simple ownership of attached multifamily units such as townhomes.

    Go to our Unit Lot Subdivision LUCA page for more information.

    The State of Washington mandates that the 2018 International Building Codes and Fire Codes be enforced as of February 1, 2021. Customers who submitted complete permit applications prior to February 1, 2021, will have their project vested under the current 2015 code requirements. Permit applications submitted on or after that date will need to comply with the 2018 codes. 

    Visit our Building and Fire Codes page for information on all current codes.

    Bellevue's floodplain development regulations in the Land Use Code (LUC) have been updated to conform to current federal and state standards. The code changes were driven by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), which published updated Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) and Flood Insurance Studies (FISs).

    Go to our Floodplain Regulations Update page for more information.

    Code Amendments Archive

    Bellevue's critical areas ordinance has been updated to meet state Growth Management Act requirements. The amendments are narrow in scope, addressing changes in agency guidance or best available science, and are supported by the critical areas technical reports.

    Go to our Critical Areas Ordinance Update page for more information.

    On July 23, 2018, the Department of Ecology approved the City of Bellevue’s Shoreline Master Program comprehensive update.The updated Shoreline Master Program took effect August 6, 2018.

    Visit our Shoreline Master Program Update page for more information.

    On Oct. 16, 2017, the City Council adopted the Downtown Livability update and Downtown Livability legislative rezone, capping a four-year effort.

    ORDINANCE NO. 6377 amending the Bellevue Land Use Code, Title 20 of the Bellevue City Code, to advance the Downtown Livability Initiative; repealing Part 20.25A LUC; adding a new Part 20.25A LUC to add new Downtown definitions, departures and tower requirements; and amending Downtown provisions regarding non-conformities, dimensions, the amenity incentive system, development standards and design guidelines.

    ORDINANCE NO. 6378 amending the Bellevue Downtown Subarea and Ordinance Nos. 3013, 3014B, 3015B, 3016A, 3017, 3018, 3019 and 3020 for consistency with revisions to the Comprehensive Land Use Plan, renaming certain districts in Downtown Bellevue, and revising the boundaries of certain districts in Downtown Bellevue for consistency with the revised Downtown Boundary; adding perimeter overlays and establishing an effective date.

    Ordinance No. 6378 adopts a new land use map.

    Learn more about the Downtown Livability Initiative.

    Extension of Interim Official Control regarding the permit process required to establish a homeless shelter, and identifying the Land Use Districts where a homeless shelter may be permitted.

    For more information:

    Following the December 4, 2017 public hearing, City Council passed Ordinance No. 6390 approving the proposed on-street parking land use code amendment, which reconciles conflicts between the on-street parking requirements in LUC 20.25D.140.E and the transportation Capital Investment Program project designs for NE Spring Boulevard.

    ORDINANCE NO. 6376 amending the Bellevue Land Use Code, Title 20 of the Bellevue City Code, to impose a prohibition on community health engagement locations, safe injection sites, and other uses or activities designed to provide a location for individuals to consume illicit drugs intravenously or by other means; adding Section 20.10.410 LUC to prohibit safe injection sites citywide; providing for severability; and establishing an effective date.