• Neighborhood Match Program

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    Residents and staff chat on a Neighborhood Walk in 2018.

    Created in 1997, Bellevue’s Neighborhood Match Program partners with residents to fund and build small projects that improve neighborhoods.

    The program provides matching grants of up to $10,000 per project for small-scale neighborhood improvements. For every dollar awarded by the city, the neighborhood provides an equal or greater match consisting of money, professional services, materials and/or volunteer labor.

    Since its inception, the program has spurred more than 200 improvement projects. In the process of working together on improvements, residents connected with their neighbors, learned about neighborhood history and built a stronger sense of pride and identity in their community. Past projects have included new entrance signs, landscaping, neighborhood art, play equipment and amenities.

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    The city is always looking for fun and creative project ideas to bring people together. Applying for funds may sound complicated, but staff in the city’s Neighborhood Outreach Group is there to help applicants turn project ideas into realities.

    Basic Criteria to apply for matching funds:

    • Demonstrate overall neighborhood support
    • Be maintained by the neighborhood after project is complete (see Maintenance Agreement Form A)
    • Approval of all 100 ft adjacent property owners (see Signature Form B)
    • Be constructed on public property
    • Meet all city codes and obtain all required permits (We will help you with this!)