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    To conduct business in Bellevue, businesses must register with the city and obtain a Bellevue business license if you meet any of the following criteria:

    1. You have a physical location in the city, or
    2. Your annual gross receipts in the city will exceed $2,000.

    If you do not have a physical location in the city and your annual gross receipts in Bellevue will be below $2,000 you do not need to obtain a business license.

    You must still obtain all applicable regulatory licenses and permits. If a regulatory license is required, you will need to remit an application with the appropriate addendums.

    How do I register my business?

    1. Create your business structure and register each location with the State of Washington Business Licensing Service. BLS will assign a 16-digit Uniform Business Identifier (UBI) to each location.
    2. Complete the Bellevue business license application online through FileLocal. The following information will be required:
    3. 16-digit UBI number, issued to the specific Bellevue location being registered
    4. NAICS code. The North American Industry Classification System code can be found through the Department of Revenue.
    5. Pay registration fee. The fee to register with Bellevue in 2021 is $95 plus a $5 minimum processing fee — pay by credit card (3% additional fee) or by ACH ($1 additional fee). There is also a $4 customer service fee on all FileLocal Payment Transactions.
    6. City business licenses can be printed online once the application has been approved.
    7. Bellevue general business licenses are valid for the life of the business.
    • You will get your Bellevue registration number along with Business and Occupation (B&O) tax information.
    • You will be assigned a filing frequency.
    • If your business start date was prior to the current quarter, you will be sent tax returns for previous periods.
    • You can print your business license online at FileLocal.
    • If you have not registered with Washington State, please visit the Business Licensing Service (BLS) State business licensing application page to apply for a UBI. If you have registered at the state and you do not know your complete 16 digit UBI, please use the BLS Business Licenses search page to look up your complete UBI.
    • If registering a business physically located in Bellevue, you are responsible for contacting the city's Development Services Department land use desk to make sure your business location is zoned for the activities taking place. Home-based businesses with external indication of commercial activity should also call the Development Services Department land use desk. Please contact land use by email at LUZI@bellevuewa.gov or by phone at 425-452-4188.
    • For publicly owned properties, approval may be granted for park sites by the Parks & Community Services Department at 425-452-4278, and/or streets, sidewalks and other public rights of way by the Transportation Department at 425-452-4599.
    • For privately owned property, permission must be obtained from the property owner.
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