• Bellevue Tree Health Check

    Bellevue Tree Health Check

    Did you receive a tree from our 2021 Trees for Bellevue Tree Giveaway Program? If so, you are eligible to apply to our new Tree Health Check Program! This program provides an online tree health assessment during the summer of 2022. The goals of the program are:

    • For Bellevue residents to ask questions about tree care, and
    • To help us understand and increase the survivability of trees distributed in the 2021 Tree Giveaway.

    Program Overview

    After submitting the program application form with a description and photos of your tree(s), you will receive a simple health assessment, answers to submitted questions, and recommended steps to continue to maintain the health of your tree(s). Tree Health Checks will be performed by Tree Ambassador volunteers trained to perform basic health assessments. If further support is needed, the volunteers may recommend outside tree care services not provided by this program.  

    For more information please look at the program guide below.

    Program Guide


    In order to receive this service, you must have received at least one tree from the 2021 Trees for Bellevue Tree Giveaway Program and have planted that tree at your residence within the City of Bellevue. For this program, you will need to fill out this short application form below, and add any necessary photos. When applying, please try to use the same contact information for your household that you used for your Tree Giveaway Event application.


    We have limited staff and volunteer capacity and therefore may not be able to provide health checks to all that submit.

    More Information

    Here is a checklist you can use to assess the health of your tree.


    Send Us Photos and Questions

    We encourage all Trees for Bellevue Tree Giveaway Program tree recipients to send us updates and photos of their trees and email us any questions they might have at Trees@bellevueWA.gov.