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Fire Station 10

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The city held a community meeting on Oct. 18 regarding Station 10. Information from the following documents was presented:

On Sept. 12, staff gave a presentation to the City Council regarding the Station 10 property acquisition.

In 1965, the Bellevue Fire Department began as a rural department serving our neighborhoods and business community. Since then it has grown to meet the expanding needs of our community. Today, Bellevue’s Fire Department prides itself on maintaining accreditation with the Center for Public Safety Excellence and a class 2 rating from the Washington State Survey and Rating Bureau.

Bellevue Fire ranks in the top 1 percent of the 46,699 rated departments in the U.S., and is one of the top three departments in the state. The department is committed to a high standard of excellence, positively impacting the health and safety of our community, and is proud to maintain one of the highest cardiac arrest survival rates in world.

Why do we need a new fire station?Firefighters battle a house fire.
Over the years, the Bellevue Fire Department has placed fire stations in areas of the city that provided a central point from which to meet the needs of the community. This creates a systemwide support strategy to ensure that the first arriving fire engine, ladder truck, aid car or medic unit will make it to your front door quickly. The systemwide support network of existing stations ensures every individual receives the same standard of excellence, no matter where they might live or work.

The travel time (time the apparatus is on the road) of three minutes to high-rise and four minutes to non-high rise incidents is critical to saving lives. Traffic congestion, response to other incidents, as well as the additional time required to move staff and equipment vertically up 40+ stories, increase the challenge of meeting these travel time targets.

The Fire Department recently completed an extensive study -- the Fire Facilities Master Plan -- to examine how to meet the city’s needs of today and into the future. An integral part of a strong systemwide support strategy, is the development and construction of a new Fire Station 10. The City Council approved the funds for property acquisition for Fire Station 10 in the 2015-21 Capital Investment Program.

What were the key findings of the Fire Facilities Master Plan?

  • The areas of downtown and BelRed represent 70 percent of the projected population growth of the city. As the city has grown, the number of calls to the Fire Department from the central business district has greatly increased. From 2010-2015, emergency incidents increased by 24 percent. (672 emergency responses in 2015).
  • Residential population growth in downtown is expected to increase from 7,147 in 2010 to an estimated 19,000 in 2030. Bellevue’s employment base is also projected to grow from 42,525 employees in 2010 to an estimated 70,300 by 2030.
  • There are gaps in meeting the three-minute travel time to incidents in the neighborhoods of Northwest Bellevue, downtown, BelRed and Wilburton. (area map showing improved coverage with Station 10).
  • The Facilities Master Plan identified that the most effective option to account for time to ascend a high-rise, either by elevator or by stairs, is to reduce the target travel time to the building to three minutes. This is consistent with the department’s current four-minute target travel time to non-high rise areas.
  • Any current response into downtown draws fire apparatus and crews from other fire stations, increasing response times to the neighborhoods where those stations are located, should they require assistance.

How will the new fire station enhance our systemwide support network?
Fire Station 10 will not only provide critical services for downtown, BelRed and the surrounding neighborhoods such as West Bellevue, Northwest Bellevue and Wilburton, it will also allow the current nine fire stations to better serve all neighborhoods. Reduced stress on the entire system allows for better service and, most important, better response times.

Aerial picture of station locationWhere will Fire Station 10 be located?
Fire Station 10 will be on the west side of 112th Avenue Northeast and Northeast 12th Street, north of McCormick Park (see map below). This site includes up to nine parcels (zoned R-4) with six property owners. The site encompass 2.82 acres. This project will not affect McCormick Park.

Fire Station 10 will be staffed to meet the needs and ensure quick response times to nearby neighborhoods, such as downtown, Northtowne, Wilburton, BelRed, and Northwest and West Bellevue.

How was the location for Fire Station 10 chosen?
Based on the coverage gaps identified in the Fire Facilities Master Plan, the plan consultant defined a geographic area for the station siting. Criteria used to evaluate potential sites within that area included:

  • Response time/coverage
  • Site access and traffic impacts
  • Medic 1 freeway access
  • Cost to acquire, develop and operate
  • Site configuration
  • Land use impacts

The site for Fire Station 10 was chosen because it met all six requirements.

Where are we in the process? What are the next steps?
The City Council approved funds for the land acquisition for Fire Station 10 in the 2015-21 Capital Investment Program. The city has begun property acquisition for the site. Proposed construction will take place 2019-2020 (18 months) with an occupancy date in 2021.

All of the details on this page are presented in a handout that you can print. The city will provide stakeholder briefings for interested parties seeking more information. To request and schedule a stakeholder briefing, or if you want to be involved with the design process, please contact Brian Gomez (425-452-6995, bgomez@bellevuewa.gov).

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