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    Residents and staff chat on a Neighborhood Walk in 2018.

    Promote your event with colorful flyers, a banner or A-board signage. We've also provided the links that you can use to schedule a police or a fire truck visit, subject to availability. The suggested planning window is four to six weeks before the event. The block party planning form will help you get started in planning your Neighbor Link event. When you click on submit, you will receive a copy of your information and we can can started on your request.

    Requesting Resources


    Neighborhood block party organizers who wish to close a street can submit one unique request per street location during the block party season,  Jul 1- Sep 30. Closing your street requires a right-of-way street closure through My Building Permit . We'll provide information to walk you through this process when we receive your request. There is no fee for the permit. Barricades, however, must be reserved and paid for by the organizer; the city will reimburse cost of barricades up to $50 with with a paid receipt. An Amplified Sound permit and rental of park space have associated fees. 

    Party Planning Form

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    Alternate Contact

    Alternate Contact


    Home Owners or Community Association?
    Design Requested
    One banner or Two (4 sides) Sandwich Boards
    Request Street Closure?
    Please refer to Permitting section on the page above.
    Event Location/Street
    First Time Holding Event?
    Service Project?

    Aditional Requests

    Request Fire?
    Please refer to "Request a Fire Truck" in Requesting Resources section on the page above.
    Request Police?
    Please refer to "Police Visit-See Crime Prevention" in Requesting Resources section on the page above.
    Request Council Member or Mayor visit?

    Printed Materials

    Wording for the Flyer

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    Wording for the Banner or Sandwich Board (3-4 lines max)

    *Neighborhood Name/Event Example: Newport Hills Block Party; 100th St SE Street Annual Picnic; Neighborhood Social; Your Name Neighborhood Party; Annual Potluck; Your Name Street Party