Levy Projects

Bellevue voters approved two local ballot measures in November 2016: a 20-year levy to improve fire facilities and a separate 20-year transportation levy to address neighborhood safety, connectivity and congestion.

The Fire Facilities property tax levy will raise $120 million over 20 years, or $6 million per year, while the transportation levy will raise $140 million over 20 years, or $7 million per year. Fire Facilities levy revenue will be used for construction of a new fire station to serve downtown and the surrounding area, seismic retrofits at all nine existing stations, warehouse space to store and repair special equipment, and the remodeling or expansion of existing stations.

Revenue from the Neighborhood Safety, Connectivity and Congestion levy will be used for projects to reduce neighborhood congestion, build neighborhood safety projects, add new bike lanes, sidewalks and pathways, implement technology for safety and traffic management, and enhance maintenance activities. Crews began getting to work on the first of the projects in early 2017.

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