Council Roundup: Comprehensive Plan amendments adopted

Council Roundup: Comprehensive Plan amendments adopted

On Monday night, the City Council took legislative action on the 2018 annual Comprehensive Plan Amendments work program, adopting plan amendments for City Dacha LLC, Red Town and the Grand Connection. The council deferred the East Main proposed amendment to 2019 to allow for additional review and study.

In addition, the body declined a proposed plan amendment for Bellevue Nursery, opting instead to initiate a Land Use Code amendment to allow redevelopment of the decades-old local business.

The application period for 2019 annual Comprehensive Plan amendment proposals is Dec. 1 to Jan. 31, 2019. Read more on the Comprehensive Plan Amendments page.

Automatic metering approved

Earlier, the council approved a 20-year, $20 million vendor contract for advanced metering infrastructure or smart water meter system.

The long-awaited technology is aimed at helping customers better manage water consumption and identify potential leaks – saving both water and money.

Smart metering technology, which supports the city’s Bellevue Smart plan, also is more cost-effective than the current manual-read program. In December 2016, the council approved the Utilities Department’s proposed 2017-18 budget, which included over $23 million in capital funding for the smart water meter system. Rates will not be raised to pay for the improvements.

Over the next two years, Utilities will embark on the process of replacing the current technology with wireless meters. Additional background on the budget process can be found in the agenda packet materials.

NOTE: The council will be on holiday recess for the rest of 2018. The next meeting will be on Monday, Jan. 7.

Published on 12/13/2018
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