New online map shows downtown, BelRed projects

New online map shows downtown, BelRed projects

To make it easier to track major construction here, the city is introducing an online map that displays major projects being designed for the downtown and BelRed areas. 

On the “Building Bellevue” map, which went live this week, you can view:

  • proposed building designs, including architectural renderings, and the status of those projects;
  • preliminary information about the details of the projects; and
  • contact information for the project applicants and land use planners.

The map complements the city’s Major Projects List, a quarterly print publication used by real estate and business professionals, property developers and residents. Blue dots mark projects on the new map. When users click on them, they can find out details about the project, including the name, address, proposed square footage and, number of dwelling units and square footage for retail as applicable. 

Building Bellevue will display all major projects in the Downtown and BelRed neighborhood areas set for Pre-Application Conferences, and for Design Review and Master Development Plan applications. Pulling from application materials, the map will present the information almost in real time.  

The map does not display projects under construction. The Major Projects List (on the Development Activity page) includes that information. The city also offers comprehensive information on issued permits in its open data portal. Details concerning how to apply for a permit are available at land use permits.

For more information regarding land use planning, zoning and Bellevue’s land use code, please contact Development Services (425-452-4188 or

Published on 05/13/2019
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