Stephanie Walter

Vice Chair
Position 4


Stephanie was elected to the East Bellevue Community Council in November 2017. Stephanie is a long term resident of Lake Hills where she and her husband raised their three children. Her commitment is to the public process in representing East Bellevue's residents and businesses. She led the charge to clarify the meaning of single family housing when individual room rentals were sprouting up throughout Bellevue and negatively impacting single family neighborhoods. Through this effort, Stephanie became known to City leaders who encouraged her to pursue a more official role. She was appointed to the City of Bellevue's Planning Commission, most recently serving as Chair before stepping down to serve on the East Bellevue Community Council.

Stephanie is interested in learning what East Bellevue residents care about. She will listen and take action on behalf of EBCC's constituents. Stephanie also serves on the Board of the Lake Hills Neighborhood Association where, with the rest of the Board members, she launches community events.

Stephanie has had a 30-year career in health-care finance in accounting, budgeting and analysis. She works for Overlake Hospital.