Meydenbauer Flood Control Project

During extreme storms, there can be significant flooding in the vicinity of NE 8th St and 100th Ave NE, which impacts people who live, work and shop in the area. In 2013, intense rainfall twice caused flooding onto private property, causing damage and disrupting the community.

The Meydenbauer Flood Control Project addresses this recurrent street flooding by constructing a bypass pipeline to better carry stormwater during heavy rains. The project also optimizes the capacity of the existing storm drain system on 100th Ave NE between NE 8th St and NE 12th St, and will replace the storm drain on the west side of 100th Ave NE between NE 10th St and NE 12th St.

Meydenbauer Basin Project Map

Where is the project located?

The project is located near NE 8th St and 100th Ave NE, within Bellevue’s Central Business District. See map.

Why did Bellevue choose to focus on Meydenbauer?

In 2013, intense rainfall in June and September caused significant flooding at the intersection of NE 8th St and 100th Ave NE where the flooding spilled out onto and damaged private property. This area is vulnerable to flooding during heavy storms.

When will this work take place?

The anticipated project schedule is:

  • Spring 2020: Start construction
  • Winter 2020: Complete construction

What are the anticipated results?

The city anticipates that that the project will significantly reduce flooding in the area, without creating new flooding locations downstream. The project will greatly reduce flooding along 100th Avenue Northeast. By diverting storm flows southward, it also reduces flooding along Northeast Eighth.

How much will this project cost?

In total, this flood reduction project will cost $5.6 million.

Construction Information

What times and days will construction take place?

Once the construction phase of the project commences in spring 2020, construction will take place Monday through Friday, 7 a.m.-3:30 p.m. One exception is the intersection of Northeast Eighth Street and 100th Avenue, where construction will take place over the weekend from 10 p.m. on Friday to Sunday afternoon (exact weekend to be decided).

Will construction stop for special events?

Construction in the street will pause for the July 4 holiday (no work starting noon July 3), the Bellevue arts fair weekend, Susan G. Komen Day for the Cure, Memorial Day and Labor Day.

How will the construction affect shopping in the area?

Stores will remain open during their usual hours throughout the construction period. Access will be maintained to all shopping areas, the Bellevue Mall, and stores near the construction site.

How will construction impact transit?

King County Metro will alert riders with route revisions, temporary bus stops and other updates, and enables signups for alerts from them.

How will construction impact pedestrians?

When a sidewalk needs to be closed, the city will provide a detour route that meets standards set by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Meydenbauer Basin Project Proposed Traffic Map

How will the city mitigate the impact of construction site noise?

The city will communicate with residents and businesses in the vicinity of the construction site to provide them with information about what they can expect during the construction of the Meydenbauer Flood Control Project. This page will be updated on a regular basis to inform people about the weekend in which construction will take place.

How will the city mitigate the impact of street closures and lane reductions?

Detour routes will be posted when streets and sidewalks need to be closed. Check Traffic Advisories for the latest information about construction work that can affect travel on city streets and sidewalks.

Where will construction equipment be stored?

The construction contractor for the project will typically store construction equipment onsite. However, during holidays and special events, the equipment will need to be taken down, removed from the Right-of-Way, and stored elsewhere to allow full use of the street.

Where will the construction equipment be stored during holidays and special events?

The construction equipment that is removed from the Right-of-Way during holidays and special events may be temporarily stored at a nearby City of Bellevue property: 508 99th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA 98004.

How long will the construction equipment be stored on this offsite property?

This property may be used for up to a week at a time on several occasions during construction.

Will this temporary storage activity have any impacts on the area?

Should this property be utilized as a temporary storage site for construction equipment, the City of Bellevue will install new sidewalks at the property to help restore the area.

Community Engagement

In Fall 2019, the City of Bellevue conducted outreach to Condominium Associations and other residential apartments in the vicinity of the project site. The City also sent out a flyer in the mail to residents and businesses that might be affected by construction.

In early 2020, the City of Bellevue will send out a flyer in the mail to residents who might be affected by the temporary storage of construction equipment near the project site.

Please contact Jessica Guthrie ( or 425-452-5215) if you would like to meet with city staff regarding this project. .

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