136th Avenue NE Water Inlet Station

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As Bellevue continues to grow, Bellevue Utilities has a program to expand the capacity of the City of Bellevue’s drinking water system. As part of this program, Bellevue Utilities plans to build a new water inlet station with underground vaults and pipes to draw water from the Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) supply line that is in the area as Bellevue gets its water from SPU.

The site for the new inlet station, vaults and connecting pipes is located on 136th Avenue NE just north of NE 8th Street. The connection to the SPU supply line will be made at the intersection of 140th Avenue NE and NE 8th Street. Additional pipes will be installed along NE 8th Street and connect to existing pipes at the intersection of NE 8th St. and 126th Avenue NE.
136th Avenue NE Water Inlet Station Project Map

The project area includes the new water inlet station site on 136th Avenue NE and new pipes and connections on NE 8th Street, extending east from 126th Avenue NE to 140th Avenue NE.

Designing the Project

Field work activities will be completed on NE 8th Street and and 136th Avenue NE as a precursor to the design. Field work will include surveying, utility locating, and geotechnical investigations. The project team will conduct outreach at key milestones to inform the community about project updates, share design plans and what to expect during construction. Feedback that is received will be reviewed by the project team and considered during the decision-making processes and prior to construction.


Bellevue Utilities will go through a permitting process for approval of various permits required to construct the new water inlet station and associated water pipes. This includes a 60-day State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) review of the project. The SEPA review will look at environmental impacts and potential measures to minimize impacts where possible.

Project Schedule

136th Avenue NE Water Inlet Station Project Schedule

Project Documents

136th Avenue NE Water Inlet Station Project Fact Sheet