Enatai Inlet Station

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Enatai Inlet Station lies beneath this no parking spot at En
Have you ever wondered why this spot is marked for no parking at Enatai Beach Park? Enatai Inlet Station is buried beneath it, quietly providing water to the local community.

Enatai Inlet is one of 13 inlet stations where Bellevue draws water from the regional water supply. It is the primary source of drinking water and fire protection for the Enatai Neighborhood and customers near Meydenbauer Bay. It was installed over 50 years ago, and requires replacement due to access problems, safety deficiencies and capacity limitations.
Location of Enatai Inlet Station at Enatai Beach Park

Bellevue Utilities has evaluated alternatives to replace Enatai Inlet. The preferred alternative is a new station located in the same lot as the existing station. Click here to view the final report. Considerations during the evaluation included safety (for utility crews and the public), park impacts, neighborhood access/traffic impacts, avoiding Washington State Department of Transportation/Federal Highway Administration permitting challenges, and project cost. Work is anticipated in 2020, to avoid conflicts and optimize coordination with Sound Transit and King County projects.. Temporary impacts such as light traffic and partial parking lot closures would be anticipated during construction, and mitigated by seasonally scheduling the work. No permanent community impacts are anticipated beyond parking limitations (similar to the current station).

For information on the project or to provide input, contact the project manager, Doug Lane at 425-452-6865 or dlane@bellevuewa.gov.