• What Your Rate Dollars Support

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    Did you know the average single-family household spends $5.49 a day on utility services? The graphic below shows where your utility dollars go.

    The average single-family household spends $5.49 a day on ut

    When you pay your bill, you are:

    • Getting some of the best tasting and safest water. Bellevue Utilities does this with its over 600 miles of water mains and 24 reservoirs that have a storage capacity of over 40 million gallons.
    • Reducing polluted stormwater runoff and preventing sewage overflows into our waterways. Bellevue Utilities is responsible for protecting over 80 miles of open streams and more than 800 acres of protected wetlands.
    • Having your safety and health protected through the prevention of flooding and sewer backups. Bellevue Utilities safely delivers your wastewater to King County treatment facilities using more than 500 miles of sewer mains.