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Bellevue Utilities is replacing outdated, manually-read water meters with new, wireless-read technology. Between 2020 and 2022, Bellevue Utilities will be updating existing water meters with Smart Water Meters at businesses and homes. The project will not result in any rate increases or surcharges. In fact, it might even help you reduce your water consumption and save money.

Why Smart Water Meters?

The current manual meter reading program faces the following challenges:

  • The existing meter reading system does not allow for timely detection—or notification—of water leaks.
  • Customers currently only have access to their water usage information once every two months.
  • Almost half of the existing meters are at, or approaching the end of, their useful life and will need to be replaced.

How do they work?

Diagram of how smart water meters work.

Smart Water Meters collect water use information just as the current manual-read meters do.

Here's the big difference:  Right now, water meter readers visit homes and businesses to manually record water usage every two months. With smart meters, water usage will be transmitted wirelessly to the utility company every day.

This secured, encrypted data will be accessible to customer service representatives and to customers through an Online Customer Portal. (The timing of your Smart Water Meter installation and the launch of the online portal may differ).

Instead of once every two months, customers will be able to monitor their water use regularly and find and fix leaks faster—potentially saving time and money.

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Current project status: 

The graphic below shows current and upcoming phases in the Smart Water Meter project. Crews are currently prepping water meter boxes to ensure there are no obstructions.

Starting in March, the installer will conduct testing of smart water meter equipment at select locations. Properties included in this advanced testing phase will receive advanced notice before crews arrive. There will be no impact to water service during this phase.

Smart Water Meter Project timeline - current phase is March 2021: Field testing of smart water meter equipment at select locations and meter up-grade preparations begin (continues through full deployment).

When will your meter be installed?

According to the project timeline, residential meters will be upgraded starting in spring 2021 through mid-2022. While we can't predict when specific neighborhoods will be installed, all customers will receive direct communication before, during and after their meter installation takes place. Look to this website, your billing newsletter, and mailers as sources of information for updates on when installation will occur in your home or business.

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