Reading Your Water Meter

water meter

The water meter on your property is owned and maintained by the City of Bellevue. Located in a small box in the ground near the street or the edge of the property, your water meter registers the water used in your home or building. If you cannot locate your water meter, please contact us at 425-452-6973 or

A city meter reader checks your water meter every other month. To assist the meter reader, please keep the meter box area free of garbage cans, boxes, piles of yard waste or parked vehicles. Please do not install fences or plant trees or shrubs that restrict access to the meter. Utilities employees appreciate your cooperation.

To read your meter

  • Use a small rod or large, flat-blade screwdriver to lift the lid off the meter box.
  • Notice your meter number, located on the blue plastic or metal lid attached to the water meter itself. The meter number is stated on your water bill.
  • Lift the meter lid and write down the numbers on the face of the water meter from left to right just as you would read the odometer on a car.

The meter measures cubic feet of water used, but your bill presents usage in hundreds of cubic feet or "ccf." You must drop the last two numbers from the number on your meter for it to match up with the usage indicated on your bill. The difference between your previous read and the one you have just taken is your water consumption since the last time your meter was read.

If your meter has been upgraded to a new Smart Water Meter:

With Smart Water Meters, utility account holders will have access to water use information and management tools with the new customer portal, coming late 2022.

You can still check water use information at the meter, but the process is a bit different from the old manual-read meters. This infographic shows how to read the meter and understand the digital display. If you have questions about your meter read, contact or 425-452-6973.

How to read the smart water meter infographic