No Stopping, Standing signs FAQ


Image of No Parking Stopping Standing Any Time sign

Typically used on busy arterial roadways, these signs often generate questions. 

These signs indicate that a driver should not stop their vehicle for any reason in the area defined by these signs. They apply to all hours of the day and days of the week regardless of whether they say “anytime.” 
Yes. These signs are addressed by the state under RCW 46.61.570 ( and Bellevue City Code 11.23.025 ( A Police officer or contracted parking enforcement employee can issue a ticket for parking, stopping or standing in these designated areas.
The penalty for a “NO PARKING STOPPING STANDING ANYTIME” zone violation was $44 as of Jan. 1, 2020.
"Parking" is the act of stopping the vehicle and leaving the vehicle for any length of time; "Standing" is the act of stopping a vehicle and waiting in it to pick up or drop off people or packages; and "Stopping" is the act of stopping the vehicle for any reason other than if directed to stop by police. 
These signs are typically used on busy arterial roadways where stopping a vehicle in a travel lane for any reason creates a significant safety hazard for the driver or the drivers of other vehicles on the road.