• Northup Way to Crossroads Trail

    The City of Bellevue Transportation Department project improves the pedestrian trail from Northup Way to NE 15th Street. This trail provides an efficient link between schools and residences to the north and Crossroads Mall and the Crossroads Community Center to the south.

    Crossroads Pedestrian Trail Improvement Map










    Construction details

    Construction anticipated to begin the week of May 4 and be completed in summer. Works hours will be Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. The trail will be closed for approximately two months. Use alternate routes along 156th Avenue Northeast. Area residents received a construction alert (English, Spanish, Telugu). (View larger size of map)


    • Upgrade the trail surface and widen a section where the walkway is narrow
    • Remove several trees located in the walkway area that pose a potential hazard and/or constrain path improvements
    • Repair or replace fencing 
    • Install landscaping and irrigation along the trail
    • Install lighting to improve safety
    • Add trash cans
    • Extend trail at the south end through the Crossroads Apartments parking lot and connect to Northeast 15th Street 


    In its current condition, the trail has limited user appeal and has been a source of concern for neighbors. Parts of the trail have a narrow walking area and uneven surface. Lack of public access rights at the south end, through the Crossroads Apartments, has constrained the ability to fully develop the trail and mark it as a through connection.

    In 2017, city staff worked with the owner of the Crossroads Apartments to secure an easement needed to fully develop the trail from Northup to NE 15th Street. The intent is to develop an attractive, useful route that accommodates strollers and wheelchairs. It's anticipated more people will use the trail, helping to reduce vandalism and loitering.

    Another concern in this area is a vacant corridor extending east from the Sonora detention pond. The corridor, intended as a link in a future pedestrian connection, currently dead-ends at the east edge of the Sonora development . An alternative alignment along NE 15th Street and Crossroads Park has been identified and city staff are available to provide guidance to Sonora homeowners about options for this corridor.


    • Spring - Summer 2020: Construction
    • Fall 2018/Spring 2019: Complete project design
    • 2019: Secure permits and construction easements
    • June 9, 2018: Project open house


    Anticipated project cost is approximately $800,000, funded by the City’s Pedestrian Access Improvement Program (CIP PW-W/B-56), with support from the Neighborhood Partnerships Program (NIS-2).

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