• NE 12th Street Pedestrian Bridge

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    The Northeast 12th Street Pedestrian Bridge, downtown between 108th and 110th avenues, was constructed in 1969 as a safe pedestrian path over Northeast 12th Street. It provided a route to the old Ashwood Elementary School from neighborhoods to the north. The 386-foot long, timber arch bridge previously was rehabilitated in 1994 and in 2007.

    Bridge removal

    The city's contractor, Razz Construction, removed the bridge in August 2019. The bridge had been closed to pedestrians since inspectors in August 2018 discovered rot on a bridge support that compromised the structure. A project mailer provides details.

    Consultants determined that repairing or rehabilitating the bridge would not be cost-effective. Replacing the bridge would have cost about $6 million, while removing it cost about $310,000. The crosswalks at the nearby intersection provide for a shorter, safe crossing for users.