Transit Use

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Transit ridership in Bellevue increased by 144 percent, or an additional 31,700 daily boardings and alightings (ons/offs), between 2003 and 2013.


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Some of the notable findings reported in Trends in Transit: Spring 2013 Transit Usage Analysis include:

  • Bus stops in Bellevue served an average of 53,676 boardings and alightings daily.
  • The Bellevue Transit Center served 17,772 daily boardings and alightings, or about 33 percent of citywide ons/offs.
  • East Bellevue, Eastgate and downtown experienced the largest increases in ridership between 2012 and 2013.
  • More than 72 percent of daily ons/offs in Bellevue were related to King County Metro routes, the rest to Sound Transit.
  • The RapidRide B Line served more daily ons/offs than any other route in Bellevue — 8,400, or 18.6 percent of all ons/offs citywide.

For additional information about the measures of effectiveness refer to Appendix 7 of the Bellevue Transit Master Plan or the Measures of Effectiveness Report.