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Green, electric-assisted bicycles are available citywide to use on streets, bike lanes and sidewalks. The bikes are owned and operated by Lime. Start riding by unlocking a bike through the Lime mobile app. Fees are set by Lime; trip costs vary by duration.

Bellevue's one-year bike share pilot launched on July 31, 2018. Lime's permit has been extended to fall 2019 while evaluation of the pilot is completed.

Lime is a private company that obtained a permit to use public right of way to provide bike share service subject to specific conditions, including requirements related to safety, parking, operations and data-sharing. To obtain a permit, Lime paid a fee to reimburse the city for costs associated with managing the pilot.

More information about bike shares is available:

Safety and education

Lime has launched a campaign focused on promoting responsible riding habits, from putting on a helmet to parking properly, and the company provides tips on how to use bike share safely and responsibly. Take the Respect The Ride pledge on the Lime website to show your support and receive a free helmet while supplies last.


Bike share bicycles may be parked on paved surfaces along public sidewalks and street shoulders in locations that do not create an obstacle for others.

Be courteous of people walking, using wheelchairs and pushing strollers; do not block walkways, curb ramps, doorways or bus stops. Respect private property and other bike share users. Don’t bring Lime bikes into buildings, parking garages or other hard-to-find places. When in doubt, a bike rack is always an appropriate place to leave any bicycle.

Bike Share Hub

Bike hubs

White boxes and symbols have been painted at more than 50 locations across the city, including in Downtown, Crossroads, Factoria, and near major bus stops. These preferred parking areas, called bike hubs, are places where bike share users are encouraged to park when ending a trip. Lime relocates bikes to these areas to provide reliable service. Bike hubs are shown as blue areas in the Lime mobile app. Visit our interactive map to find bike hubs in your area. If there is a bike hub near your destination, please park your bike there to help us keep Bellevue beautiful. To request installation of a new bike hub near your home or business, contact us at

No parking in parks

When using bike share to visit city parks, please leave the bike outside the park entrance. City parks are designated no-parking zones, shown as red areas in the Lime mobile app. Repeatedly parking in these areas may lead to a fine or suspension of your Lime account.

Equitable access

Discounted rates are available for individuals who can demonstrate eligibility or participation in any state or federal assistance program. More information is available on how to register.

  • No smartphone? Lime can also be accessed using a text-to-unlock feature.
  • No credit card? Visit any 7-Eleven or CVS store in Bellevue to add funds to your account.

Report a problem

Are you experiencing an issue with a bike share bicycle, such as a blocked sidewalk, a bike left on private property or a damaged or vandalized bicycle? The fastest way to resolve an issue is to contact Lime directly. Lime is required to responsibly manage its fleet and be responsive to parking and maintenance reports as a condition of its permit.

  • Call or Text: 1-888-546-3345 
  • Email:
  • Issues can also be reported through the Lime mobile app.

If you prefer, you can also contact the city's Transportation Department or report the issue through the MyBellevue web portal or mobile app.