• Data Dashboard

    Welcome to the Bellevue Police Department Data Dashboard.  This data is intended to increase public access, improve transparency and enhance community trust with the police department. This website is under construction, and more data will be added in the coming months.

    Motorcycle officer writing a speeding citation.


    Traffic citations broken down by gender and race.

    BPD patrol car


    Type and resolution of complaints against Bellevue police officers.

    Investigation scene

    Use of Force

    2021 Use of Force Summary and Analysis.

    Hate has no place

    Hate and Bias-related Incidents

    Reported cases of hate crimes and bias-related incidents broken down by type of crime or incident, and race or ethnicity.

    Bellevue crime map

    Crime Mapping

    The past 180 days of crimes displayed on a Bellevue City map. Filterable by crime, address, and date. Data is updated every few days.

    Map of crime data

    Visualized Crime Data

    Raw crime data mapped or charted. It does not represent statistics submitted to the FBI's Uniform Crime Report and are not official statistics.