Habitat Steward

Days: Vary
Hours: Vary
Season: Year-round
Job site: Parks
Length of commitment: Varies
Reports to: Curtis Kukal
Work environment: Outdoors
Background check required: Yearly
Age: Must be 18 or older

Primary Responsibilities:

Identify and map areas of Mercer Slough Nature Park, the Lake Hills Greenbelt and Lewis Creek Park that need habitat restoration. Assist in the restoration, focusing on the removal of noxious weeds along trails and within restoration project sites. In the spring, fall and winter, join work parties and plant native plants. Monitor plantings in Backyard Wildlife Habitat Gardens and at restoration project sites.

Desired Qualifications:

  • Professional background in horticulture, native plants, resource management, noxious weeds or wildlife habitats.
  • Desire to work outdoors in varied weather and site conditions.
  • Experience in landscaping or grounds maintenance.

To Apply:

Fill out the following forms (include a resume if you wish) and send them to Curtis Kukal (425-452-4195 or ckukal@bellevuewa.gov) at the address in the right column of this page.

The City of Bellevue provides volunteer opportunities without regard to race, color, national origin, gender, age, marital status, sexual preference and/or disability.