Payment Procedures

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Business and occupation tax is payable quarterly on the following schedule:
Quarter ending: Payment due:
March 31 April 30
June 30 July 31
September 30 October 31
December 31 January 31

No tax return is due if a business is placed on a non-filing status and is below Bellevue’s tax exemption levels.

  1. All businesses engaged in any business activity in Bellevue must be registered with the city's Tax Division. A one-time registration fee is required. B&O tax returns are sent to all quarterly taxpayers near the end of each quarter. The quarterly tax return form must be completed and returned with payment of any taxes due by the last day of the month following the period's end. Effective with the calendar year of 2020, taxpayers assigned to annual reporting will be sent annual tax returns near the end of March following the calendar year's end, these annual returns are due April 30.
  2. Taxpayers are required to keep records for the most recent five-year period. All books, records, invoices, receipts, etc., shall be open for examination by the city’s Tax Division or designated agent at reasonable times.
  3. When submitting your tax return, please:
  • Use the return provided, substitutions can cause errors. Lost your form? Blank City Tax Forms can be printed online.
  • Use the pre-addressed envelope provided
  • Make check or money order payable to "City of Bellevue". Do not send cash.

5. Advise the Tax Division in writing of changes in address or status of ownership via email at or by mail:
Bellevue Tax Division, PO Box 90012 Bellevue, WA 98009

Penalties and interest are due if tax returns are not filed and taxes paid by the due date. Penalties and interest are charged as follows:

1 day – 1 month overdue – 9 percent ($5 minimum)
Over 1 month – 2 months overdue – 19 percent ($5 minimum)
More than 2 months overdue – 29 percent ($5 minimum)

2022 - 2 percent
2021 - 3 percent
2020 - 4 percent
2019 - 4 percent
2018 - 3 percent
2017 - 3 percent
2016 – 2 percent
2015 – 2 percent
2014 – 2 percent
2013 – 2 percent
2012 – 2 percent
2011 – 3 percent