Performance Dashboard

The City of Bellevue measures its performance to ensure residents receive top-quality services. The Performance  Dashboards present data reflecting the city's performance in areas or outcomes addressed in the budget. Performance targets, where present, are set based on a work group's history and current capacity.
Responsive Government
Performance measures regarding how well the city communicates.
Safe Community
Performance indicators regarding safety in Bellevue, including crime statistics and survey results.

Improved Mobility
Data concerning the city's efforts to maintain a safe, convenient transportation system for all users.
Healthy and Sustainable Environment
Data concerning city services and infrastructure that ensure public health and safety and protect the environment.

Quality Neighborhoods
Performance measures related to quality neighborhoods and their components.
Innovative, Vibrant and Caring Community
Data concerning opportunities for a diverse population to live well, work and play.

Economic Growth and Competitiveness
Data tracking Bellevue's economic growth and competitive business environment.
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