High-Performance Government Performance

Operational data show that the city excels in providing the customer service, technological reliability, financial stewardship and land and building development that community members deserve. Almost nine in ten residents believe that city services exceed their expectations. Public safety data show that Bellevue is a safe place in which to live, learn, work and play. Significant trends in fire response and containment are being evaluated to identify opportunities for improvement in reporting, dispatch and response. 

The below indicators were collected by staff subject matter experts, after an in-depth review of each Strategic Target Area (STA). The review process included an examination of the STA description and the desired outcomes defined therein, the identification of a well rounded set of relevant performance metrics, and an analysis of year-over-year data trends and performance against target.  For more information about Bellevue's vision for High-Performance Government, click here.

Key Performance Indicators 2017 Actual 2018 Actual 2019 Actual 2019 Target
City continues to recieve Aaa bond rating Aaa Aaa Aaa Aaa
Percent of customers who rate the Service First desk as a knowledgeable resource 95% 99% 98% 97%
Technology Systems Reliability - percent of time that city network is up and available for use 99.89% 99.93% 99.96% 99.90%
Police patrol response time to critical emergencies (life threatening) from the time officer receives a call to arrival at the scene (minutes : seconds) 3:35 3:34 3:52 4:15
Number of Part 1 (violent and property) crimes per 1,000 residents 33 33 31.5 35
Percent of incidents where total Fire Department response from call to arrival on the scene is 6 minutes or less 66.63% 67% 61.9% 90%
Survival rate from cardiac arrest 56.3% 57.1% 52.4% 50%
Total dollar loss from fire (in millions) 3.47 2.88 4.57 2
Percent of fires confined to the room of origin 85.19% 77.4% 75.8% 85%
Percentage of residents who agree the City's land use planning efforts are open and accessible 63% 67% 66% 75%
Percentage of DS permits applied for online 80% 85% 98% 85%
Building Code Effectiveness Grading Schedule rating 2 2 2 2
Key Community Indicators: High-Performance Government 2016 Results 2017 Results 2018 Results 2019 Results
Percent of residents who feel that Bellevue listens to them and seeks their involvement 81% 78% 78% 81%
Percent of residents who agree that the quality of city services exceeds or greatly exceeds their expectations 92% 89% 91% 90%
Percent of residents who agree/strongly agree that city government is giving them value for their money 79% 71% 76% 76%
Percent of residents who agree that the city is doing a good job of looking ahead to meet local challenges 78% 67% 70% 71%
Percent of residents who agree or strongly agree that Bellevue is a safe community in which to live, learn, work and play 98% 96% 93% 96%
Percent of residents who agree or strongly agree that Bellevue plans appropriately to respond to emergencies 93% 88% 82% 85%
Percent of residents who agree or strongly agree that Bellevue is well-prepared to respond to emergencies 98% 92% 92% 91%