Finance Department Contact Information

Accounting 425-452-4060

The Accounting division analyzes and verifies financial data, performs monthly and annual financial closings, produces timely and accurate financial reports, applies generally accepted accounting principles, ensures compliance with state and federal regulations, monitors grants, and performs internal reviews.

Accounts Payable - 425-452-6849

The Accounts Payable division audits invoices, works with customers to meet their needs and processes payments. 

Budget - 425-452-2017

The Budget division leads and coordinates the development and execution of the City's biennial Budget and seven-year Capital Investment Program (CIP) Plan, including development, monitoring and reporting. Prepare financial forecasts, long-range panning and financial modeling. Lead and coordinate the City's performance management program, including measurement, evaluation and reporting. Provide ad-hoc financial and policy analysis and ensure that systems, tools and procedures are in place to support the areas listed.

Business Systems - 425-452-7247

The Business Systems division coordinates, prioritizes, plans, and implements financial business process reviews and system projects. Serves as liaison with the Information Technology Department and client departments and develops a strategic vision for technology with City departments and leadership. 

Director's Office - 425-452-5281

The Director's Office ensures the long-term financial stability and health of Bellevue; protects the City’s financial integrity and credibility and maintains AAA bond rating; and strengthens the department for continued excellence. 

Investment & Debt- 425-452-6101

The investment and Debt Division manages the City’s investment and debt portfolios. This division reports accurately and timely on investment and debt functions, performs ongoing cash forecasting and due diligence, ensures compliance with bond covenants as well and state and federal regulations, and provides expertise in managing the city’s long term strategy for funding capital projects.

Procurement Services - 425-452-7876  

The Procurement Services division facilitates and coordinates competitive contracting processes. Oversees the development of contracts. Ensures compliance with laws and policies. Informs and educates customers. Processes procurement orders for internal customers by sourcing and negotiating pricing with vendors. Maintains electronic vendor database and manages city-wide surplus.  

Payroll - 425-452-7652

The Payroll division processes payroll using efficient, innovative systems while maintaining a high level of accuracy, timeliness and customer service to employees and vendors. They also apply rules and policies consistently and fairly. 

Tax - 425-452-6851

The Tax Division administers business taxes and business licenses including associated business fees that are authorized by Bellevue City Code.  

Treasury - 425-452-7252

The Treasury division manages the City's banking activities and implements new technological banking solutions as appropriate. Reconciles revenue and liability accounts. Bills and collects accounts receivables and provides oversight on account receivable write-offs.

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