Critical Areas Training Videos

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We provided training about working in and around critical areas to builders, environmental consultants and other professionals. The three-hour plus session was videotaped, and the video was separated into segments addressing specific topics. Viewers can look at the sections most applicable to them at a given time. However, to get the complete picture, the whole training should be viewed.

The seminar follows a natural progression, including what critical areas are and what we need from permit applicants working on sites with critical areas. The session concludes with a description of various public and private stewardship examples, meant to encourage creativity among consultants and the clients they serve.

Introduction (3:57)

Part 1 – Working with Critical Areas in Bellevue

Part 2 – Identifying Critical Areas

Part 3 – Documenting Critical Areas

Part 4 – You’ve Got Critical Areas – Now What?

Part 5 – Permit Scenarios

Part 6 – Stewardship of Critical Areas