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This page provides information regarding permit process news and updates. Examples of updates posted on this page include new services or changes to existing processes.

The following changes to Development Services permit fees are effective Jan. 1, 2021, and reflect the:

  • Results of the Cost of Service Study (COSS) performed for Land Use, Fire, Transportation and Utilities hourly rates
  • Updated building valuation data (BVD) table published by the International Code Council (ICC) to reflect the change in construction valuation from August 2019 to August 2020, with the Washington State modifier of 1.15 from July 2020.
  • 1.0 percent adjustment to building review and inspection fees by Consumer Price Index-W.

Hourly Review and Inspection Rates

  • Land Use review: $187 (1.6 percent increase)
  • Transportation review and inspection: $198 (2.6 percent increase)
  • Fire review and inspection: $180 (4.0 percent increase)
  • Utilities review and inspection: $170 (3.0 percent increase)

School Impact Fees

  • Issaquah School District are established as follows:
    • Impact fees per single-family dwelling unit:  $18,213
    • Impact fees per multifamily dwelling unit:  $12,043
  • Renton School District are established as follows:
    • Impact fees per single-family dwelling unit:  $7,681
    • Impact fees per multifamily dwelling unit:  $4,989

Transportation Impact Fees

  • Price per single-family dwelling unit:  $7,060

More information: 

Visit and see Ordinance No. 6547 (School Impact Fees) and 6551 (Development Services Fees) as reviewed and approved by City Council on October 26 and December 14, 2020. 

Visit our Fee and Payment Information web page for a complete list of our fees by permit type.

The Bellevue City Council has approved an ordinance, effective April 20, 2020, extending the expiration date of  building permit applications and issued building permits for 180 days (including electrical, mechanical and plumbing permit applications and issued permits). The ordinance also extends the expiration date of clearing and grading permit applications and issued clearing and grading permits for 180 days.

This is to include the time period in which an applicant must commence work to prevent the permit from expiring.

These extensions will apply only to complete permit applications or issued permits active on the effective date of this ordinance.

The 2018 Construction and Fire Codes went into effect on February 1, 2021. All permit applications submitted after January 31, 2021, must comply with the 2018 codes. 

Eight years after we launched our Paperless Permitting Initiative, we reached our goal of having all customers apply for permits online.

As of September 6, 2019, our permit process is 100% paperless. All permit applications and plans must be submitted online at We no longer accept paper applications or plans.

Using the regional portal, customers can:

  • apply and pay for permits
  • submit plans and other required documents
  • request and cancel inspections
  • check permit status and history
  • find construction tip sheets and inspection checklists.

For assistance with online permitting services, customers can find step-by-step user guides on the MyBuildingPermit Help page. We also provide in-person assistance in the permit center at City Hall. 

We began offering online permitting services in response to customer requests for it. The Paperless Permitting Initiative transforms not only the way customers access permitting information and services, but also how we do our work, enabling beginning-to-end electronic application processing, review and inspection. 

For more information about the Paperless Permitting Initiative, contact Monica Brown at 425-452-6128 or

Development Services now has an online permit fee estimator, which allows you to calculate estimated permit submittal and issuance fees.

The permit fee estimator is a quick and easy tool that provides general information about permits and their potential cost. It is not the actual permit fee or a quote, just an estimate of what cost you may incur based on the information you provide.

The process for most estimates should be two to five steps.

Bellevue’s permitting data (1998 to present) is now available on our city’s Open Data portal.

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