• Use of Parking Garage in Buildings Under Construction

    Parking garages that are part of the scope of work may be used for construction parking prior to Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (TCO) or Certificate of Occupancy (CO) provided that the following conditions have been met. Refer to Fire Safety for Buildings Under Construction for more information.

    You must receive approval from the building official for construction parking in the parking garage.

    The temporary occupancy of the parking garage may be revoked if any of these conditions are not met and maintained:

    1. Identify the specific area to be occupied.
    2. An automatic sprinkler system must be installed and in service throughout the area to be occupied.
    3. A Fire Department connection serving the sprinkler systems protecting the occupied areas must be installed and in service. Provide signs and maintain the access to the Fire Department connection at all times.
    4. Provide and maintain a means of separation between construction parking and storage of materials, job shacks, etc.
    5. Maintain Fire department access to the site at all times.
    6. Notification appliances, such as horn strobes, must be installed for all occupied areas and must activate upon sprinkler water flow.
    7. Provide and maintain two (2) means of egress. There must be a clear path to the stairwell and the stairs must be kept clear to the public right of way.
    8. Provide egress lighting (pathway lighting) and exit signs. Both must have a battery backup.
    9. Provide exhaust fans for mechanical ventilation to prevent unsafe CO levels throughout all occupied areas.
    10. Provide protection from vehicular damage for all mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection equipment.
    11. There must be fire extinguishers throughout all occupied areas.

    If you have questions regarding these conditions, contact your building or fire inspector.