Boundary Line Adjustment

A Boundary Line Adjustment is defined as a Land Boundary Survey (W.A.C. 332-130) and must be prepared by a professional land surveyor registered in the State of Washington.


  • All land surveys submitted for land use approval shall be rotated to the Washington Coordinate System NAD83 (2011) - North Zone and noted accordingly as the Basis of Bearings on the mapping.
  • The adjusted boundary line shall be monumented and field tied to at least two (2) City of Bellevue Survey Control Network monuments. Survey control data cards are available online, or from the survey staff (425-452-4385).
  • Boundary line adjustment drawings must be prepared on the City of Bellevue drawing title block.  AutoCAD compatible drawing files are available online or from the survey staff (425-452-4385).

Recorded Survey

A Boundary Line Adjustment is a recorded survey and must comply with all requirements of R.C.W.  58.09 (Survey Recording Act) and W.A.C. 332-130-050 (Survey Map Requirements). The following information must be included on the survey:

  1. Legal description(s) of the parcels to be adjusted, verbatim from a current title report.
  2. All existing lots, tracts, parcels, rights-of-way and easements shown in light or medium line weights using various dashed line types.
  3. Recording numbers and a brief description of any easements, maintenance agreements, covenants, restrictions, etc., affecting the subject property.
  4. Final lots shown with heavy line weights and solid lines, with lot designations and areas in square feet.
  5. Lines subject to adjustment are clearly labeled as New Line, Old Line or Line To Be Removed (in the case of lot combination).
  6. Sufficient geometry to accurately locate all lots, tracts, parcels and easements.
  7. All existing structures with their locations indicated by measurements perpendicular to the adjusted property lines.
  8. An owner’s declaration signed and acknowledged before a notary public by all parties having any ownership interest in the lands to be adjusted.