Commercial Building Permits

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Commercial building permits cover projects such as adding on to an existing office building, remodeling a tenant space, as well as construction work for multifamily-residential buildings that contain more than two residential units.

See Residential Building Permits for projects involving one and two-family dwellings.

You will need separate permits for any work that alters or adds to the fire, plumbing, mechanical or electrical systems. Work that adds or replaces fixtures or appliances may also require a separate permit.

Explore our commercial building permits

  • Demolition
    Demolition of the whole or part of any permanent structure, including a house, multifamily or commercial structure, garage or storage shed. (BE)
  • Detention Vault for Stormwater
    Permit for the construction of a stormwater detention structure. (BH)
  • Major Commercial Project
    Construction of a new commercial or multifamily building or addition, 4,000 square feet or more, which does not require SEPA review or SEPA review has been done under a prior land use approval. (BB)
  • Medium Commercial Project
    New commercial or multifamily building, addition, pool or spa over 1,000 and less than 4,000 gross square feet. (BM)
  • Minor Commercial Project
    Additions or structures up to and including 1,000 gross square feet, such as a pool or spa, canopies, porticos, retaining walls, bulkheads, mechanical equipment screening, fences over eight feet, kiosks, ramps, trams, flagpoles, etc. (BW)
  • Portable Building Foundation
    Commercial construction of a foundation support for a pre-manufactured building. (BW)
  • Shoring Permit
    Excavation and shoring of property adjacent to the City of Bellevue right of way. (BV)
  • Tenant Improvement

    Changes to the tenant interior space of a new or existing building. (BZ)

  • Tenant Improvement (New use)
    The initial build out of a new tenant space or change of use of an existing tenant space. (BY)


The purpose of a building permit is to ensure that construction projects are aligned with local, state, and federal codes, ultimately ensuring that minimum safeguards for public and private health, safety and welfare are met.

Before you begin any construction project, check to see if a permit is required. In general, construction projects where a building or structure is erected, constructed, enlarged, altered, repaired, moved, improved, removed, converted or demolished require a permit.

Examples of projects that require a building permit include:

  • Adding on to an existing commercial building.
  • Demolishing a structure.
  • Building a multifamily residential tower.
  • Remodeling a tenant space or changing the use of an existing tenant space.

Examples of projects that do not require a building permit:

  • Installing a single-story job shack on a permitted job site during construction.
  • Replacing roofing that does not affect the roof sheathing or structure.
  • Installing movable cases, counters, and partitions under 5 feet 9 inches.



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