Major Commercial Project Permit

Permit for construction of a new commercial or multifamily building or addition, 4,000 square feet or more, which does not require SEPA review or SEPA review has been done under a prior land use approval. The permit includes demolition work when appropriate. (BB)

When applying for a Major Project Building Permit, you must apply for a Clearing & Grading Permit (GD) and submit a Utilities Extension Agreement (UE) at the same time or before submittal of the building permit. A Smoke Control Permit (FH) and Conceptual Smoke Control Submittal document must be approved prior to submittal of the building permit.

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Apply Online

You must apply for this permit online through MyBuildingPermit. We will not accept paper applications or plans.

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Required Documents

The documents listed below are the minimum necessary to proceed with the application process. If you believe that a required submittal document does not apply to your project, please upload the Document Waiver Form in place of the required document. You may also print out a permit document list.

Project Specific Plan Requirements

These items may be required during plan review, as determined by the scope of your project.

  • King County Health Department Approval
    • Required for projects that involve restaurants, delicatessens, commercial kitchens, hospitals, nursing homes, and public and semi-public pools and spas or if the building is served by a septic system. During review, submit your approval in the form of a letter or a stamped plan from the King County Health Department.
  • Multifamily Checklist
  • Previous Environmental Review
  • Road Plan
  • School District Impact Fee Form
    • Issaquah and Renton School Districts
  • Street Lighting Plan

Submittal Information and Forms

Permit Fees




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