Single Family Addition Permit

Adding less than 3,000 square feet or a deck to an existing single family residence.

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Examples of work covered by this (BR) permit include:

  • Adding on to an existing house (new or replaced living space)
  • Adding an attached garage or carport
  • Adding detached buildings and structures, like garages, storage and equipment sheds, retaining walls greater than four feet in height
  • Building a deck or deck with spa
  • Repairing, expanding or constructing a dock, boat house, boat lift or bulkhead greater than four feet in height
  • Constructing a swimming pool, bathing or hot tub (24 or more inches in depth and all in-ground)

This permit also includes:

  • Clearing & grading
  • Demolition work, if required
  • Electrical (except temporary power)
  • Mechanical (except fire protection)
  • Plumbing

Note: Additions greater than 3,000 gross square feet of new and/or replaced floor area require a single-family combo permit (BS).

Apply Online

You must apply for this permit online through MyBuildingPermit. We will not accept paper applications or plans.

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Required Documents

The documents listed below are the minimum necessary to proceed with the application process. If you believe that a required submittal document does not apply to your project, please upload the Document Waiver Form in place of the required document. You may also print out a permit document list.

Project Specific Plan Requirements

These items may be required during plan review, as determined by the scope of your project.

Submittal Information and Forms

Permit Fees