• Critical Areas Ordinance Update

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    Bellevue's critical areas ordinance has been updated to meet state Growth Management Act requirements. The amendments are narrow in scope, addressing changes in agency guidance or best available science, and are supported by the critical areas technical reports on this page.

    According to the Growth Management Act, cities must periodically review and, if necessary, revise their comprehensive plans and development regulations to meet state regulations. In 2015 the city's comprehensive plan was updated. With the exception of portions of the critical areas ordinance, Bellevue's development regulations comply with state requirements.

    Public Hearing

    The Bellevue City Council held a public hearing at approximately 8 p.m. during its Extended Study Session on Monday, October 10, 2016 in the City Council Chamber in Bellevue City Hall, 450 110th Ave NE, Bellevue.

    Council Agendas

    Critical Areas Regulations Technical Report

    Department of Commerce Communication

    Comprehensive Plan

    Critical Areas Update 2006 Supporting Documents