Services & Programs

Primary Services Include:

  • Provide flexible sentencing alternatives to jail
  • Pre- and post-sentence investigations at the direction of the Judge
  • Supervision of offenders
  • Evaluation of offender risk and needs
  • Identification and coordination of community resources
  • Alcohol/drug assessments at the direction of the judge
  • Intake/Monitoring appointments with offenders
  • Collection of probation fees
  • Gateway, community re-entry assistance
  • Alive at 25 - driver awareness course
  • Defensive Driving Course (DDC4) - Have you been court ordered or recommended to take the National Safety Council Defensive Driving 4-Hour Course offered by the City of Bellevue?  DDC4 provides key understanding, skills and techniques to avoid collisions, reduce traffic violations and change driver behaviors and attitudes.  Register here.
  • Theft/Consumer Awareness Program
  • Community service referrals
  • Work crew pilot program
  • Domestic Violence Moral Resonation Therapy

Programs Include:

Bellevue Record Check Program (BRCP)

  • Designed to monitor defendants who were either originally assigned to Bellevue Probation and have successfully completed active probation, or who were directly ordered to the program by the judge or the prosecutor.
  • Print out, complete, and mail the Record Check Monthly Progress Report form.  Form must arrive in this office by the 7th of each month; e.g., January's report must be received by January 7th. 

Deferred Prosecution (DP)

  • A legal agreement between the judge and offender, mostly used regarding DUI (Driving Under the Influence) charges.
  •  Probation sentence may be up to a five years.
  • State law outlines who may be eligible.    

Deferred Sentence

  • Used for all types of criminal offenses.
  • An opportunity for an offender to have a charge dismissed if, during the term of probation supervision, court-ordered conditions have been met and no further violations of the law occur.
  • Jail time is a possibility if violations of probation conditions occur.      

Electronic Home Detention (EHD)

  • EHD is an alternative to jail.  Participants must be referred by the Court.  EHD referrals must be screened for eigibility by EHD staff located at the Probation Office.  EHD participants are subject to random urinalysis and also could be placed on 24/7 alcohol monitoring.
  • EHD allows the offender to remain in the community with increased sanctions.
  • Bellevue EHD also monitors pre-trial referrals with special conditions such as alcohol monitoring.
  • Fees apply.

Patronizing Impact Program

  • This educational intervention program is tailored for clients arrested for soliciting the services of a prostitute or a related offense.
  • The ultimate program goal is to decrease the demand for prostitution, thus reducing the amount of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. 
  • Program goals are pursued by committing resources that support our program activities.
  • Register here

Pre-Trial Diversion

  • Designed for first-time offenders arrested for shoplifting and referred to probation by the prosecutor.
  • Following an interview for eligibility, the offender signs an agreement with Probation to comply with specific conditions for 11 months.
  • If the offender fully complies, the prosecutor makes a decision not to proceed with prosecution of the case.

Stipulated Order of Continuance

  • Created for first-time domestic violence offenders.
  • 18-month program based on a legal agreement between the prosecutor and the defendant with recommendations by Probation.
  • Counseling and probation monitoring can begin earlier in an attempt to provide intervention faster than the normal pace of the court process.
  • It is a diversion program in which the defendant is diverted out of the court system and does not have to stand trial.    

Suspended Sentence

  • Used for all types of criminal offenses where permanent criminal record of the offense is desired.
  • Offender may participate in supervised probation with conditions imposed by the sentencing judge in lieu of jail.


Probation Division

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